Pre-inspections and home warranties are two ways to protect your asset.

Whether you’re buying or selling, these are the top two items to consider in today’s housing market:

1. Pre-inspections. Many sellers who put their homes on the market don’t realize that they can have their homes pre-inspected before listing. Pre-inspections can be beneficial because they identify all the potential issues with the home, allowing the owner to fix them before listing. Buyers often appreciate seeing that a home has been pre-inspected, too, as it allows them to pre-plan their maintenance budget.

2. Home warranties. Warranties are often sold by real estate companies and their practitioners to help clients keep certain items around the home in working conditions. They often cover stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, and other things that rust or break when you least expect them to. Most warranties are very affordable too—often between $400 and $550—and their coverage lasts anywhere from a year to 18 months. 

If you’re going to buy or sell a home, talk to a real estate professional about the value of a home warranty and a home inspection. We’d love to be your resource, so if you’d like to discuss this more in detail or have any questions, give us a call or send an email. Hope to hear from you soon!