Staging your home is your key to a successful sale this spring.

Are you prepared for the upcoming spring market? It’s hard to believe that February has already started! The weather may still be cold and dreary, but it’s time to start preparing for the spring market, as there are some things you need to do before listing.

The most successful sellers are the ones who pay attention to the market and take advantage of the latest strategies. I have previously talked about the six things you should consider when preparing your home for the market. This includes the importance of pricing your home correctly, consulting with a real estate professional to determine the best price, considering seller concessions, decluttering, deep cleaning, repainting and repairing, and having a pre-market home inspection. Today, I am adding home staging to the list. Staging your home will help you find success in today’s market.

“Sellers who stage their homes report a decrease in the amount of time their home spends on the market.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, 93% of Realtors recommend decluttering and simplifying a home by hiring a home stager. At 2:38 in the video, you will see pictures of a home before and after it was staged, which should help you understand why buyers are more attracted to professionally staged homes. The statistics show that 62% of sellers who stage their homes report a decrease in the amount of time their home spends on the market. Buyers also report that staging a home increases its dollar value, with 50% of staged homes receiving offers that were 1% to 5% higher.

Stagers are rare, but I know a great one. If you are interested, I can make a connection for you. It’s time to get ready for the spring market. February will pass quickly, and before you know it, March and April will be here. If I can help with your home sale, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can call, text, or come into the office. I’d love to help you reach your real estate goals.